Contrary Winds

In Mark 6 we have the famous story of Jesus commanding the disciples to enter a boat and go to the other side of the lake. As he ascended a mountain to pray, the disciples encountered a storm in their travel to Bethsaida.

Interesting that God told them to go and yet it didn’t go well for them. It wasn’t a walk in the park, or did things work in their favor. Instead, conditions were contrary to them.

It got me thinking about our own encounters in life when we know we have heard from God.

Just because the wind is against me, doesn’t mean the Lord is not for me.

Resistance is often the greatest place for revelation. It’s the place where my inability is exposed and Christ’s sufficiency is revealed. The moment where I am reminded of my dependence and need of Jesus in everything. Therefore, resistance becomes the pathway to revelation.

I expect when God says go that the winds are with me. Oftentimes that is not the case, and on Divine purpose I might add. Because, God will use a contrary situation to reveal his sufficiency. 

When things are against me and I still reach where im going it will be because He was with me. If the wind blew me to shore, it would get the credit and a feeling of self-sufficiency would begin mounting resistance in my heart to depending on the Lord. Thankfully, the contrary wind focused my attention on Jesus Christ, and his empowerment (not the wind) carried me to my destination.

He is exalted, and the Kingdom influence advances through the visible manifestation of deliverance, and this vessel becomes a billboard advertising his greatness.

Reuben Egolf

Daniel – an Example of Influence

The story of the biblical Daniel is a story of survival, fortitude, and extraordinary commitment to a God he loved. Daniel’s reputation preceded him and his influence moved entire kingdoms towards the King of his heart. The ascension of the proverbial success ladder wasn’t achieved because of worldly fame, wealth, or family name. Instead, he rose to the seats of prominence through the favor of God and a stellar character built on the pylons of the Lord’s principles. Unmoved by temptation and everything the world had to offer; Daniel stayed an unwavering course till the day he died.

I have often wondered about his amazing success with turning the heart of the most wicked ruler – Nebuchadnezzar.

Daniel was extracted from his home around 15 years old. His parents were apparently killed in the siege of Jerusalem. In a moment he was without a family, a home, a culture, a place for his worship, and away from his friends, family, and familiar surroundings, to a foreign place that resembled nothing he was accustomed to.

Daniel was hand selected for his intelligence and gene pool. When in a foreign place and having interaction with government. He didn’t lam-blast or impugn their religion, way of life, or any other difference he was not accustomed to. However, he simply invited people to watch his life. Through developing relationship and earning their respect and honor; it gave him access to influence their lives. The standard of excellence created an attraction in the hearts of the spectators.

What an example to become like. May we all aspire to such heights of lofty spiritual morality. Let us increase our influence around us and maintain our trajectory of an unwavering commitment to excellence for the glory of God.


Reuben Egolf

The Cancer of Unforgiveness

Cancer is known to kill it’s host and as a result destroys itself. In other words, it survives by depleting and overwhelming the necessary food supply of the host body until it is too weak to survive. Of course, once the host body dies, so does the cancer cells.

Unforgiveness in the human soul acts much the same way. It is a cancer that depletes the human heart eventually destroying the host. The fermentation in the mind feeds the bitterness, resentment, and unforgiveness into a bloating tumor consuming the person’s energy and devotion. It is never satisfied until the host person is dead on the inside of it’s dreams, vision, and freedom from misery. As with cancer, which requires the cooperation of other cells; unforgiveness requires the cooperation of the person’s thought life to survive. Cancer depends on it’s environment to survive and so does unforgiveness.

The unhealthy power of resident unforgiveness

Not forgiving is like laying flowers at a grave daily, you are no longer planting seeds for a better tomorrow. By doing so I am memorializing the event, keeping it alive in the memory. Just as the flowers are losing their fragrance due to being separated from it’s life source, so am I when I lay down at the scene of the incident and not moving forward. Some things die and you need to let it die and never go back and visit. When I don’t forgive I turn my back on my future.

Unforgiveness has a colored pencil in its hand and will color how you look at things now. It has the power to change the person perception concerning people and situations in the present as well the things in the future.

Unforgiveness is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die

Allow the past to be a learning experience but refuse it becoming a continuing punishment. People reminding you and attempting to get you to build a house at certain incidents in your past must be resisted. What’s done is done- move on and do not permit others to control your direction. If you keep looking over your shoulder while trying to walk forward will cause you to bump into people you otherwise would have avoided.

As long as I carry resentment towards the past in my heart, the less capable I will be of loving in the present! Resentment, unforgiveness, and bitterness are all weeds that choke out the ability of love to grow in our hearts. Protect the garden of your life with diligence and plant God’s Word in it’s soil, and saturate it everyday with the His presence through prayer.

I have found that it’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then. When people remind me of things in the past, they are referencing many times to a different time when I was a different person. I can’t relate to that person anymore because I have moved on.

Did you know, you can victimize yourself by wallowing around in your own past, literally becoming a hostage to things you can’t change. However, we are not victims but over-comers and more than conquerors!

Romans 8:37 Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

Revelation 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

Reuben Egolf


Building to Withstand

Ephesians 6:13

13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

Building my spiritual inner core strengthens me to stand in the face of life’s earthquake experiences, unexpected tsunamis, and the howling winds of adversity. It’s a painstaking and methodical everyday routine of tightening the moral screws of life, and tethering to the pylons of principle. The effort of making decisions in the face of easy alternatives and taking the temporary scenic route in life produced by compromise, is very real and happens daily.

In our microwave world that wants instant results, we must know its OK, perhaps even preferable to grow slowly. Let me encourage you today that if you feel you are moving at a snail’s pace, at least you eventually do laps around the person refusing to move off the couch. I know the temptation to believe EVERYTHING should have the capacity to be microwaved into completion circumventing the baking process, which is the result of our technological age. However, there are some things in life that technology will never be able to accelerate to fruition and get the sustainable results necessary for its function. One of them being – the maturation of the spirit, soul, and heart of a person.

2nd Peter 3:18 But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and for ever. Amen.

2nd Peter 1:8 For if these things be in you, and abound, they make you that ye shall neither be barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We are to be increasing and growing and not a onetime experience. People try a lot of shortcuts. Some look for an emotional experience — “If I just get this `certain experience’, then all my problems will be solved and I will be a mature Christian.” Other people say, “If I just go to this seminar…. If I just read this book… If I just listen to this tape…” A doctor cannot prescribe to me an instant pill to take for seven days and I’m going to be spiritually mature. It takes time. It takes an intentional pursuit. It won’t come automatically, instantaneously, or quickly.

Pointers to help in this process

Read the Word every day and meditate allowing the Holy Spirit to excavate the strata’s of God’s revelation for your life.

Remain patient in all things by permitting God’s Word to rule instead of emotions.

Understand the importance of digging deep and building a strong foundation for the future. The perceived drudgery in the now will turn into a sustainable and viable future. The hard work put into the foundation gives opportunity for something beautiful to be built upon it.

Stop comparing your progress with those around you. You were not created to be a clone of someone else. You have been uniquely crafted for a specific purpose. If all you do is try to be like someone else, you will risk never being you and no one will ever know you existed.

When you stop trying to impress everyone, the more impressive you will become!

Keep growing my friends…

Reuben Egolf

Prayer Revelations

Recently on a Sunday afternoon, I felt the Spirit of God arrest my heart concerning prayer. One-liners and thoughts began to come into mind and what you will read below come directly from that experience.

Prayer makes you vulnerable to God and strengthens you against the world.

Prayer is an invitation to the Holy Spirit to inspect my heart.

Prayer focuses the mind and the heart on Him. It is the beginning of order.

Prayer disengages me from the world and attaches me to the Spirit

Prayer doesn’t move me, but it positions me for movement due to it’s empowering nature to make a committed decision. It opens the window to be able to see clearly the rewards of obedience.

Prayer reboots my thinking and changes my approach. Though frustrated with past headwinds of no progress in dealing with situations and people; after prayer the Divine always has an answer where the flesh ends in exhaustion.


Prayer calms the atmosphere of my soul from improperly influencing my thoughts in making decisions. The soul is the seat of my emotions and unfortunately we make too many emotional driven decisions. Instead, prayer evaporates the effects of heated emotions and presents a right perspective giving way to a thoughtful decision.

Prayer takes a promise and produces a vision of victory before you ever experience it. A promise when meditated on produces a picture in your present of what it will deliver to your future. Walking out of prayer in confidence though I don’t see the manifestation I am fully assured of God’s faithfulness to His Word. I believe before I see it.

Prayer is the furnace of passion and desire. True prayer removes the have to of religion and replaces it with the want to.

Prayer increases His heart in me – God’s desires and wants and plans become center stage. It helps massage my heart into pliability for the influences of God to be accelerated through my willful obedience. It is the place where love drives obedience instead of being mere reward driven.

Prayer emboldens the filter system of God through which everything passes through. Prayer changes the perspective of what happens to me so I can be in control of my reaction to it.

Prayer is a knob that turns up the volume of God’s voice in our lives

Prayer is the place of transition where spiritual things become physical in manifestation

Prayer transports you to the feet of Jesus where you receive the instruction to act out on the earth (I only do what I see the Father do)

Prayer makes me aware and recognize what I possess in God so when I return from the mountain I demonstrate complete mastery over every problem (Jesus on the mountain) Prayer changes things – not before it changes me first. Prayer is a mirror

Prayer produces an amnesia to everything that distracts and develops a memory of true importance

Prayer dissolves the enemy’s plans not by removing it but by changing our reaction to it thus nullifying its effect. (Fiery furnace)

Prayer increases the understanding of God’s Word. Because you get to know the author intimately you begin to comprehend his intentions.

Prayer insulates us from inward damage and pours the water of the Word on every attempt of Satan to inflame an ungodly passion.

Prayer makes knowing God the greatest goal of one’s life.

Reuben Egolf


Keeping Your Influence

I have found that the greatest hindrance to any message is hypocrisy which decimates integrity and removes the possibility of influence. Once I lose authenticity, my voice loses penetration in other people, resulting in no effect, motivation, or heart-gravitational-pull to the cause I am preaching.

The phrase “fake it till you make it” is not a saying produced or accepted by authenticity. Being sincere requires honesty to work in tandem with humility to assess my shortfall, and then accept the stipulation for change. Looking into the mirror of a true righteous and moral standard will reveal the imperfections being reflected in me.

What I do next with the knowledge of who I really am will determine what kind of impact I have on those around me. If I choose to cover, ignore, or excuse, then growth is terminated and my voice loses its effectual purpose. However, if I face my blemishes of character with intent to change to the righteous standard set forth in God’s holy writ, then authenticity is maintained and the rise to influence continues unabated.

The road between obscurity and influence is named AUTHENTICITY. 

Living authentic is less taxing on a person. Trying to be something we are not is a burden great to bare. Imagine, living in fear everyday of people finding out who we really are under the mask and façade that we costume ourselves with. It’s much easier to experience the temporal pain of correcting ourselves for a sustainable and profitable life with less regrets. The temptation is in the deception that we are better off deflecting and avoiding to save the momentary pain of discipline. The issue with that is, we eventually end up with a never-ending throb that never leaves our lives.

The Word of God is His perfect standard and is only achieved by the Holy Spirit’s ability being activated in the life. Yielding to His direction and correction through our faith of denying our self and totally leaning on Him activates His power within us to achieve what is not humanly possible.

Be honest, admit the fault and take responsibility for it. Then, be humble, and receive the correction necessary. Lastly, instead of relying on the flesh to somehow muscle our way through the change and eventually failing; rely solely on the Holy Spirit to provide the grace to produce the lasting change.

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

Notice where the strength comes from. When I rely on Him, what I can do becomes limitless.

Development of life requires the pursuit of right questions.

What needs to change in me – what keeps me from achieving goals – where can i improve – do I focus on a past I can’t change and ignore a future I can create? These are questions I must ask myself If I expect to increase my capacity to influence others in a positive way.


Reuben Egolf

Why Do We Exist?

Why do we exist?

In business when you ask this question, people respond “to make a profit.” That is not the reason an organization exists. It exists to meet a human need. When an organization fails to meet those needs, or the competition meets those needs better, that organization will no longer exist.

Profit is an essential component of a healthy organization, but it is not why an organization exists. An analogy would be life itself. We must have oxygen (profit) to survive, but it is not why we exist.

Our relationship with God and His power is like oxygen, we need it to survive but we exist to meet the need of humanity with the Gospel in power.

Revelation 4:11 
Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.

Why is understanding so important concerning the reason for my existence?

Because I will turn everything around to serving me instead of serving others.

Don’t confuse needs and reasons with purposes of existence.

I need God but my reason of existing is to affect people.

Reuben Egolf