He is the senior pastor of Mt. Calvary Tabernacle an independent church that he founded in 1997.

He is the host of Experience Life Today a weekly television program he and his wife founded in 2009 that is seen in four states Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia.

Reuben was voted in as Chairman of the United States Global Leadership Council in 2016. The USGLC is an organization dedicated to the development and improvement of infrastructures through advanced business strategies and sustainable solutions.

Dr. Egolf has authored five books

  • Can You Trust God
  • The Voice Within
  • Avoiding Relationship Mayhem
  • Please Grow Up – your life depends on it
  • The Ruth Mizell Story – Heavenly Favored for Earthly Influence

Past Experience

Dr. Egolf was the Vice-President of the Human Rights Global Congress (HRGC).

Dr. Reuben Egolf was the Washington D.C. Capital Director for the United States National Prayer Council (USNPC) from May 2014 – Jan. 2016. An organization dedicated to mobilizing pastors and prayer leaders to lead the church back to prayer concerning the pertinent issues of our time.

He was co-founder and president of Mt. Calvary International Ministerial Fellowship (MCIMF) from 2003-2010. It began with 12 members and increased to 500 in seven years. Spiritual leaders represented six nations in West Africa. Dr. Egolf taught spiritual leadership principles and was a yearly conference speaker.