The story of the biblical Daniel is a story of survival, fortitude, and extraordinary commitment to a God he loved. Daniel’s reputation preceded him and his influence moved entire kingdoms towards the King of his heart. The ascension of the proverbial success ladder wasn’t achieved because of worldly fame, wealth, or family name. Instead, he rose to the seats of prominence through the favor of God and a stellar character built on the pylons of the Lord’s principles. Unmoved by temptation and everything the world had to offer; Daniel stayed an unwavering course till the day he died.

I have often wondered about his amazing success with turning the heart of the most wicked ruler – Nebuchadnezzar.

Daniel was extracted from his home around 15 years old. His parents were apparently killed in the siege of Jerusalem. In a moment he was without a family, a home, a culture, a place for his worship, and away from his friends, family, and familiar surroundings, to a foreign place that resembled nothing he was accustomed to.

Daniel was hand selected for his intelligence and gene pool. When in a foreign place and having interaction with government. He didn’t lam-blast or impugn their religion, way of life, or any other difference he was not accustomed to. However, he simply invited people to watch his life. Through developing relationship and earning their respect and honor; it gave him access to influence their lives. The standard of excellence created an attraction in the hearts of the spectators.

What an example to become like. May we all aspire to such heights of lofty spiritual morality. Let us increase our influence around us and maintain our trajectory of an unwavering commitment to excellence for the glory of God.


Reuben Egolf

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