I have found that the greatest hindrance to any message is hypocrisy which decimates integrity and removes the possibility of influence. Once I lose authenticity, my voice loses penetration in other people, resulting in no effect, motivation, or heart-gravitational-pull to the cause I am preaching.

The phrase “fake it till you make it” is not a saying produced or accepted by authenticity. Being sincere requires honesty to work in tandem with humility to assess my shortfall, and then accept the stipulation for change. Looking into the mirror of a true righteous and moral standard will reveal the imperfections being reflected in me.

What I do next with the knowledge of who I really am will determine what kind of impact I have on those around me. If I choose to cover, ignore, or excuse, then growth is terminated and my voice loses its effectual purpose. However, if I face my blemishes of character with intent to change to the righteous standard set forth in God’s holy writ, then authenticity is maintained and the rise to influence continues unabated.

The road between obscurity and influence is named AUTHENTICITY. 

Living authentic is less taxing on a person. Trying to be something we are not is a burden great to bare. Imagine, living in fear everyday of people finding out who we really are under the mask and façade that we costume ourselves with. It’s much easier to experience the temporal pain of correcting ourselves for a sustainable and profitable life with less regrets. The temptation is in the deception that we are better off deflecting and avoiding to save the momentary pain of discipline. The issue with that is, we eventually end up with a never-ending throb that never leaves our lives.

The Word of God is His perfect standard and is only achieved by the Holy Spirit’s ability being activated in the life. Yielding to His direction and correction through our faith of denying our self and totally leaning on Him activates His power within us to achieve what is not humanly possible.

Be honest, admit the fault and take responsibility for it. Then, be humble, and receive the correction necessary. Lastly, instead of relying on the flesh to somehow muscle our way through the change and eventually failing; rely solely on the Holy Spirit to provide the grace to produce the lasting change.

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

Notice where the strength comes from. When I rely on Him, what I can do becomes limitless.

Development of life requires the pursuit of right questions.

What needs to change in me – what keeps me from achieving goals – where can i improve – do I focus on a past I can’t change and ignore a future I can create? These are questions I must ask myself If I expect to increase my capacity to influence others in a positive way.


Reuben Egolf

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