We often hear people say “this will be the greatest year” or “God is going to do things in your life that…” If we are honest; we look back over the past year and wonder what happened because we heard the same thing last year.

The truth is, this can be a great year, but certainly it will not be the harvest of magical wands waving, or voila moments of things dropping out of the sky. My involvement and cooperation is required. It will be great because I cooperated in making great decisions.

Fast-forward to the end of the year and envision what you want to accomplish and what would qualify this as a good year. Then, do an inventory of the decisions that produce that photograph.

We reap the consequences, harvest, and portrait, our decisions have manufactured, sown, and painted. If we are not satisfied with the picture we are seeing from year to year, then change the brush strokes with different choices.

Don’t just wish to have a Happy New Year, MAKE IT ONE!





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