It can be easy to confuse interest with commitment. Interest possesses something in its arsenal known as an option. It will pursue something till confronted with inconvenience and then exits on the ramp to an option. Convenience driven decisions have no strength to stand when pressure arrives. However, when you are committed to something, you see every obstacle as an opportunity for promotion, and excuses are never tolerated. The object of one’s commitment becomes worth every sacrifice, hardship, and resistance faced.

Commitment doesn’t mean a dry and dull lumbering methodical walking towards a goal, but to the contrary, it carries a fire that burns motivation to a fever pitch. Unfortunately, there are too few burning and fewer committed to a cause worth fighting for. The cause of saving humanity from the perils of sin and eternal damnation is becoming a lost zeal in many hearts. Interest yes, but commitment no.

We must become highly flammable! Let the Spirit of God turn every smoldering ember in your soul to a towering inferno that ignites everyone around you.

Don’t let others make the first step in changing the world. YOU be the standard… be the cutting edge… be out in front… be responsible… be a leader! 

Let your passion fascinate and capture the hearts of the lukewarm and cold. Let it turn the icy cold stares of unbelief into hearts on fire filled with faith. Let it turn cowards into warriors… the dead back to life… the discouraged into beacons of hope… sinners into saints… lost into found… hopelessness into a reason to live!

Reuben Egolf


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